upcoming 2.1.4-alpha Libevent release [redux]
(too old to reply)
Nick Mathewson
2014-03-19 00:23:54 UTC
Hi, all!

I've fixed a test failure on old operating systems without IPv6
support, and fixed nearly all[*] of the AddressSanitizer and ubsan

As noted before, 2.1.4-alpha will not have ugfix that I've been told
about, or every feature that I'm hoping to include in 2.1.x, but it's
been long enough without an alpha that it's probably wise to put a
release out so that the sensible people who aren't tracking the git
master branch can get bugfixes too.

If you'd like to try it out before release, have a look at


Please let me know about any total showstopper bugs here. (Like,
major regressions: significant problems that this release has but
which 2.1.3-alpha did not.)

THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL RELEASE. Do not upload this to package
repositories, etc.

I've attached a signed sha256sum again.

[*] The ubsan scanner doesn't like the FD_SET macro as used with
select, since the fd_mask type is required by POSIX to be long, but
FD_SET sets the high bit by doing "1L << N", which is technically a
signed integer overflow. I'll leave it to the compiler people, the
standards people, and the POSIX people to argue about this one: the
POSIX standard and the C standard seem to be in disagreement.

best wishes,